When I was photographing Allan’s head shots he told me Cade needed some senior pictures. I was thrilled photograph some pictures for his son. I had a blast with Allan and I knew we would have fun with Cade’s photos as well.

We started at Battle Creek Park on Lower Afton Road first. It was a beautiful day to photograph. I started Cade with some easy shots to get use to me and the camera. As you know, everyone starts a little nervous with the first couple images. It’s hard work trying to keep a real smile. Cade did a great job as we progressed. He started to get more comfortable and he brought some great props. Cade loves fishing and playing Lacrosse. I know nothing about lacrosse. Cade explained to me how it worked and the position he playes, Cade is a defenseman. He showed me some of the techniques he does when playing. I incorportated the sports he enjoys.

I suggested a different Battle Creek area for Cade to take pictures. It was Battle Creek Park by highway 61. This park is amazing to photograph at. It has caves, streams, bridges, long grass and tons of trees. Both Allan and Cade had never been to this park before and they really enjoyed it. We talked to get to the back of the park and started to talk about paranormal activies we encountered. It was great conversation.

The lighting for Cade’s photos were amazing and all of us had a great time photographing his pictures at each park. I took a photo that was supose to be a test shot but it is one of my favorite pictures. I had to post it in the blog. I love natural pictures. I really enjoy working with this family and I hope to do many more fun pictures for them. I hope to see this family very soon.


Kirsten Cowles - Hi Renee,
I am Cade’s mom and would like to see all of the proofs and order. Can I get those from you as well as the costs?

Kind regards,

admin - Hello Kirsten,
Please email me on my blog with your name and email. I will return your email with the passcode and how to find the images.
Thank you

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It was great hearing from Allan. I met Allan and his wife Jennifer a couple years ago from a mutual friend of ours. I photographed their wedding in 2017 downtown Stillwater.

Allan wanted some head shots for the book he wrote and will be published next year. I was excited and honored that he considered me to do his photograph for his book.

Allan was very nervous when we started the session. As everyone I photograph in a studio setting. To make him more comfortable I had him sit and relax in a chair to get me comfortable with the camera. It helped with the postitions and his wife and I kept making him smile and laughing as we kept photography session going. It helped because we got real smiles out of Allan. When photographing head shots for long period its hard to keep the real smiles going. Allan wanted images more with shadows and dark lighting. I enjoyed the challenge with the lighting in the studio.

Allan and I were almost finished, but he wanted to do some photos outdoors. I took him by a small pond by my house. It was hard from going from a dark room to a bright and sunny day. Lots of squinting at first, but got better as we were out there.

I hope he enjoys the images as much as I did photographing them and editing them. Allan thank you for this opportunity to have my photo in your book. I cant wait to buy the book and read it.


Cabe » Welcome to Janre Photography's Blog Site - […] I was photographing Allan’s head shots he told me Cabe needed some senior pictures. I was thrilled photograph some pictures for his son. I […]

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Bigwood Family

I am so happy to work with this family again. I photographed the Bigwood family in 2014. They had won a donation basket I gave to my son’s elementary school. I also know the Bigwood family from my son playing hockey with their son. Lots of time at the ice arena with our children.

It was a beautiful, warm, and sunny day for a photography session. Even if the wind was a bit strong. We photographed at Blackhawk Park which is located in Eagan. It is such a cute park and is small enough to walk around for the hour we photographed. It has lots of trees, a pond and a nice bridge. We had a hard time in certain areas of the park because the wind was so stong. As soon as we were ready to photograph the wind would blow very hard and the girls had to keep fixing their hair. We still got great photos just had to act fast with the wind.

The Bigwood family is always fun to work with and I enjoy seeing how much they grow and change throughout the years. We had a great time at the park on such a beautiful day. Hope to work with the Bigwood family agian in the near future.


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It was wonderful working with Holly and Carol agian. I have worked with this family for quite awhile. I have photographed her son, Travis, several times. I also photographed Carol’s wedding and now I am photographing Holly. I am thankful for my returning clients.

Holly decided to do her pictures at the Japanese garden in Bloomington. It is beautiful to photograph at this place. The only unfortunate part about the day, was it was around 91 degrees and very humid. It was HOT! Carol joked with me that when she hires me she should be prepared that it is going to be extremely hot . Read the links, you’ll see why. We laughed and it was very true.

Holly was having lots of fun at the garden. She loves butterflies and she was running around trying to catch one. She had me laughing as we were getting her posed on the heart sculpture. Holly also incorporated her cat in her pictures. We only took a few because it was way to hot for the cat to stay to long. The cat did great! We wanted to photograph more, but all of us were very hot and Holly was ready to leave.

It was great to work with this family again. I enjoy seeing how they change and grow. I am hoping we can photograph on a day that will not be 90 degrees with this family. No promises, right Carol!!?? 🙂


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Split Rock & Goosberry Falls

I have been busy with lots of things this year and last. I wanted to do something fun I have not done before. I have never been to Split Rock to see the light house or Gooseberry Falls. I left by myself and headed up north for a day and a half. I wanted to take pictures of the wonderful scenery I have never photoraphed before.

My first stop was Split Rock. It was amazing how big the light house was and how the over look was amazing. I sat and enjoyed the view and took some selfies with my camera and there was a gal that offered to take my picture. I then moved on to view more of the amazing lake. There was all these stairs, 171 to be exact. Those were not the original stairs. They were more rock stairs as you’ll see some I photographed. I walked down all the stairs and the bottom was beautiful. The light house was amazing from the lake and there were humming birds flying around. I sat and enjoyed the view, thinking and enjoying what I was looking at. Then I had to walk back up the 171 stairs. Going down the stairs is much easier than going back up. I can’t imagine carrying loads from boats up these stairs. YIKES!!!

Broken stairs
Now back up 171 stairs

Gooseberry Falls was amazing. I have seen falls before but I have to say it was so peaceful. I loved hearing the falls as they splashed down the rocks. It was a little chilly this day to swim. The water temperature wasn’t to bad. As I was taking pictures of the wonderful trees and the running water around me, I saw the biggest eagle. I wish I would have had my 70 to 200 lens on me. I tried to photograph the eagle but my lens was not that good for the distance he was in the air. Take my word for it he was big and beautiful. It was now time for me to go back to duluth and eat and head back to my hotel and enjoy the duluth for my last day. This was a great small trip for me. I was happy I went to enjoy the days I had. I was happy that I had an offer on taking my photo by the falls. It was awesome to have a cool picture without a selfie. It is hard to take selfies with a big camera.

Sorry for the pixels. This was a hard pic to take.

Thank you for coming on my journey with me. I hoped you enjoyed my photos. I loved going and enjoying the wonderful scenery. If you have never been to either of these places. Please go, its amazing.

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