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Back in February & March, we put ads out there looking for models who were willing to trade time for photos in order to build our portraiture/modeling portfolio. We were contacted by a woman who had a son that was interested in modeling but needed some better quality images. So I met with Travis and […]

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Jeremy & Holly

Purple People Matrimony??? Jeremy and Holly’s purple & gold themed wedding day took place at the Rochester Art Center which is one hour south of the Twin Cities. The weather on their day was great in Rochester while the Twin Cites was getting pounded by storms which caused quite a bit of wind that day. […]

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Matt and Janet are good friends of my older sister whom have know each other since Jr. High. Matt and Janet have been married for 10 years and recently had their first child, Tanner. Janet contacted me to do Tanners 1 month photos and I was very flattered and excited to see him and take […]

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J A N R E   P H O T O   F B
J A N R E   F I G U R E   F B