When I was photographing Allan’s head shots he told me Cade needed some senior pictures. I was thrilled photograph some pictures for his son. I had a blast with Allan and I knew we would have fun with Cade’s photos as well.

We started at Battle Creek Park on Lower Afton Road first. It was a beautiful day to photograph. I started Cade with some easy shots to get use to me and the camera. As you know, everyone starts a little nervous with the first couple images. It’s hard work trying to keep a real smile. Cade did a great job as we progressed. He started to get more comfortable and he brought some great props. Cade loves fishing and playing Lacrosse. I know nothing about lacrosse. Cade explained to me how it worked and the position he playes, Cade is a defenseman. He showed me some of the techniques he does when playing. I incorportated the sports he enjoys.

I suggested a different Battle Creek area for Cade to take pictures. It was Battle Creek Park by highway 61. This park is amazing to photograph at. It has caves, streams, bridges, long grass and tons of trees. Both Allan and Cade had never been to this park before and they really enjoyed it. We talked to get to the back of the park and started to talk about paranormal activies we encountered. It was great conversation.

The lighting for Cade’s photos were amazing and all of us had a great time photographing his pictures at each park. I took a photo that was supose to be a test shot but it is one of my favorite pictures. I had to post it in the blog. I love natural pictures. I really enjoy working with this family and I hope to do many more fun pictures for them. I hope to see this family very soon.


Kirsten Cowles - Hi Renee,
I am Cade’s mom and would like to see all of the proofs and order. Can I get those from you as well as the costs?

Kind regards,

admin - Hello Kirsten,
Please email me on my blog with your name and email. I will return your email with the passcode and how to find the images.
Thank you

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