Sarah & Keith

I have been photographing Keith’s family several years. This family is amazing and very easy going. When the ceremony started and everyone was looking down the aisle, the ring bear, as he was walking he than ran down the aisle and all the guests laughed. He was so cute. Keith and Sarah gave their rings to one another and then they kissed. They kissed so fast, I wasn’t sure if I had gotten the kiss. As you see below I did. WHEW!

The reception was at the Edina Country Club. Every one was enjoying the time and having a blast talking. Keith and Sarah’s cake topper was adorable. I have never seen one like this at a wedding. The speeches were so nice and the bride was emotional. Sarah’s mom said they had a tradition on their side of the family when someone gets married, they pick a song, and they implement the brides name, Sarah, and they put in events of what she has done when she was little and as she is grown. It was so beautiful. Sarah was crying and it was adorable how her mom did a wonderful job with the song. I have never seen anything like this at a wedding I have photographed before. A group of Sarah’s family also sang a cute song all together.

Lastly, was an artist that was doing characters for the bride and groom. The couple was first and he did a great job. Everyone had fun dancing and enjoying the new families together. It was also nice seeing all the other family members I have photographed.

Congrats to Sarah and Keith. I hope that you stay in touch and would hope to see how your family grows in the future.


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Having fun taking pictures

Today I went around como park and took some photos of the spring flowers in the conservitory. Not all the flowers were in bloom, because it was still a little early. I thought it was beautiful and it smelled amazing in there. I still wanted to take some pictures, so I went around to different parks to see everything melting and starting to come out of hiding under all the snow. I went to Keller park, Battle Creek and Lake Phalen. It was really nice out and the lakes were starting to unfreeze from the cold winter. I hope you enjoy these fun spring photos as much as I do.

I love orchids, there are so many different kinds. These orchids look like humming birds.
Lots of people to look at the beautiful flowers.
Bonsai tree
Tulips in bloom. How beautiful.
Beautiful Iris
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Sajous Family

I photographed the Sajous family for a couple years until they moved to California. I remembered Connor when he was a little guy and I had not met Zoe in person, but seen pictures of her growing. Lortita and I stayed in touch and we would see each other when she came to visit Minnesota. When she contacted me to photograph her family I was very excited to do so. I had not seen the Sajous family in so long.

Lorita suggested the Japanese garden in Bloomington. I never photographed at the garden before and I was very excited to see what it looked like. When all of us arrived at the Japanese garden the weather was not cooperitve. It started misting and it was very windy. We started at a neat sculpture that was made out of iron and shaped as a heart. Connor and Zoe tried to sit on it but it was a little slippery and kept sliding off. Connor was determained to sit on the sculpture. The garden was beautful even without the leaves on the trees and the green grass. The Japanese garden had cool statues made of rocks, neat little huts, beautiful trees, a pond, and a waterfall. Unfortunaly, the waterfall had no flowing water, the rocks were still awesome to take pictures by.

The rocks by the pond and the bridges were the main attraction for Connor and Zoe. They both were having a blast throwing the rocks into the little pond. Once they started throwing the rocks and having fun by the pond the pictures were not the focus for them anymore. Connor and Zoe just wanted to play. Connor got very excited to see the Koi fish swimming in the pond towards him. Connor and Zoe did a great job for having such a chilly day.

This garden was fantastic! I am so glad that Lorita knew about this beautiful place. I would recommend everyone to check this Japanese garden out. I will be suggesting this place for future photography sessions.  It was wonderful to work with the Sajous family again and seeing the children grow is always great to see.


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Keith & Sarah

Keith and Sarah’s engagment session was a lot of fun. The day turned out wonderful and the temperature was almost 60 degrees. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to do engagement pictures. Keith and Sarah picked St. Kate’s College, Sarah went to school here, and I have never been to this area to photograph. St. Kate’s had a beautiful pond, walkways, and the church on the outside was so pretty. I will suggest this area again for my photograhy needs. Picking out pictures for the blog was very difficult for me. I enjoyed all of them and I wanted to use so many, but chose the ones you see below.

This couple was amazing and very easy to work with. I have photographed several weddings in Keith’s family. I am happy they chose me to photograph their special day. I can’t wait until I photograph their wedding in April.

Congrats on your engagement!



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Suzanna’s Quinceañera

Jen contacted me to photograph her daughter, Suzanna’s quinceañera. It was wonderful that I was photographing another special occasion. I photographed Alan and Jen’s wedding last year in Stillwater.

Suzanna looked amazing in her big purple dress. The quinceañera (fiesta de quince años) is a big party for a young girl turning 15 to move into womanhood. There are several items that represnt becoming a woman in the hispanic heritage.

The first, is the extravigent dress that represents purity. Suzanna looked beautiful and fun to photograph. The second, is high heel shoes, given from the mother, represents going from a girl to woman. Suzanna was really excited about her crocs she was wearing underneath her dress. The shoes are given within the party and will change her shoes during the night. Lastly, is a doll, given from the father, represents leaving behind child possesions and take more interst in life responsiblies. This doll is also given sometime during the night of the party. Suzanna was funny as she was holding the doll, she said the doll was creepy. Unfortunately, I was unable to put a photo of the doll up on the blog. There was some items used that the hall didn’t want me to post.

The hall was beautifully decorated and had some very neat artifacts from many years ago. The hall was at the Historic CSPS in St. Paul. Suzanna and her brothers had a dance together that they practiced lifting her in the air. They were all laughing with happiness together.

I had a great time capturing this event for Suzanna. This family is very fun to work with and I hope to keep working with them in the near future.

Congrats on your wonderful day Suzanna!



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