Martinez Family

The day started with the Martinez family as we were a little worried it was going to rain all day. It was cloudy and humid but not to hot for Elena.

Raspberry Island in St. Paul is a great place to photograph with the skyline it the background. There is a small beach that was perfect for Hector, Catherine, and Elena to stand and have fun. Elena was distracted with all of the action that was going on in the park. She enjoyed the people who came down with a bright yellow kayak, the colorful rug I had brought for her to play on, and wooden blocks.

Kellogg Mall Park downtown St. Paul is another fun place to go enjoy the bluffs and fountains for a nice scenic view. Elena loved looking at the fountain and all of the people around in the park. She did a great job always smiling and having fun for being 6 months old. As I was walking with Hector and Catherine, Elena was in her mom’s arms and I heard giggles as we were walking to the area we were going to take pictures. She is adorable!

Hector, Catherine, and Elena is a wonderful family and I hope to see this family grow in the future.




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Rodriguez Family

I am always happy when I get returning clients. I have photographed the Rodriguez family several times before. Her son was much smaller. Ethan is now 5 and he is also a big brother as well.

As we began the session, Ethan did not want to take pictures and was being very shy. I was having a hard time with him smiling for the camera, so I had told Ethan that the more he cooperated with me the faster we were able to leave. We had made a deal that he would do as I ask. As we progressed with pictures, he started to have fun while we were walking on a chilly afternoon.

As we were coming near the end of the photo shoot, I had asked Ethan if he would like to go look at the trains. He shook his head no, as he was ready to go! It would have been nice to get some photos by the train tracks, regardless, Ethan and Adian did a great job for being as cold as it was.

The Rodriguez family is always fun to work with. I hope to see them very soon!








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Tuman Family

I rarely photograph family. My cousin told me that she had never had family photos taken before, I was a bit shocked.

We almost had to reschedule the session due to the weather, but we got lucky because the rain cleared and it was actually very warm. We photographed at Hidden Falls in Highland Park. I have been here several times before, it is beautiful.

Everyone in the Tuman family was so fun and great to work with. Tammy told me her daughter wasn’t in the greatest mood. Once we got  started, the kids were having a blast. I know they are my relatives, but I still need to make them comfortable and have lots of fun doing it.

I was very happy to take pictures for my cousin’s family and I hope they had a great time enjoying the wonderful day!








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Brittany & Pat

A couple of years ago I worked with this great family. It was wonderful to hear from them and trusted me to capture their special day!

When Pat saw Brittany it was so cute, he was glowing. They both were very laid back and were open to my ideas. Once we finished some photos with bride, groom and family, it was time for the social hour and Brittany wanted to have her picture taken by the piano with him playing. I loved the idea!

As the night went on, the band started to play and the new couple had their first dance. I had been walking around taking detail pictures and candid photos (which are my favorite). I came across a photograph of Brittany’s grandmother that was taken on her wedding day. If I would have known about the photograph earlier I would have reenacted the scene.

It was wonderful working with this family again. I hope to see this family grow!

Congrats to the both of you!

~ Renee























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Allen & Jen

Well… what can I say about this couple. These two and their family were absolutely wonderful!

You can tell how much Allen & Jen love each other and same with their six children. This family was easy to photograph and they were all willing to have fun and had lots of laughs all day!!

This is the first wedding I have seen with a rope which they braid to represent God and them coming together. I thought this was different from typical ceremonies . I enjoyed what the pastor said about Allen & Jen, she also read a small passage from the letters that the bride and groom had written for each other. I normally do not tear up much at weddings anymore because I have done quite a few. I have to say, that Jen & Allen got me tearing up and wiping my eyes when they were finished. This family is so full of love!

We had a great time taking photos as a group, especially the silly ones. The bride, groom and family were up for whatever I had planned. When I showed Allen & Jen my stick figure ideas, they laughed. I always like showing my clients my ideas with stick figures.

Congrats to the Bride & Groom! I hope you have a wonderful life together and stay the happy family you are!

I would enjoy working with your family in the future.

Renee H.


Allan - Loved having Renee be part of our ceremony! She had such brilliant ideas and the pictures that we’ve seen so far are beautiful and better than I would have believed. Thank you.

admin - Thank you! Your family was great to work with. I am glad you are enjoying the photos that you have seen so far.

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