Maloney Family

One of the wonderful things about my job is meeting people.

I have been photographing the Maloney family for a while now. Ashley and Sean has come back to Janre for many of their photography needs. I am happy to have seen the children grow over the years!

As I was driving to their house for pictures, it started to rain. I was very happy when I drove up, it was only sprinkling. Whew! That was a close call! We had some fun laughs and enjoyed taking the photos, even if it was a bit wet out. The children did a great job sitting for the pictures and having fun! I am so glad to have the Maloney family as a client. I hope to keep seeing their family grow in the future and having them as my client for years to come!

Thanks to the Maloney family for such a wonderful day!

Renee H.


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Having fun!

Mother’s day I started off taking pictures around the Mississippi river. I was enjoying the sunset and I wanted to practice shooting and getting my camera a nice dust off. ūüėČ I have not photographed in a while, so I wanted to just go around and find things that I could have fun with. As we were walking we had went by the mill and there was this gigantic dog!

Love was in the air! There were tons of people out having fun, kissing and hugging. I also saw a family sitting on the grass, I had to ask them if I could photograph them for fun. When we were about to leave the river I also saw a homeless guy and had to take a picture of that too. Why not!?

Lastly on Mother’s day,the sun was starting to set and I wanted to go down by Mounds Park to get some shots of the sun with downtown in the background. The sun was further than I wanted, but the colors were beautiful! As we were about to leave, these two young girls came by and told me happy mother’s day and handed me some dandelions. They were so cute! One of the girls who had given me a dandelion said it was her birthday. I wished her happy birthday and then asked if I could take their photo. They were extremely excited!

It turned out being a pretty good fun photography day!123


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Joel and Albina

Joel and Albina contacted me from Maryland. It is great to know that Janre Photography can help people from another state when they come to Minnesota for a special occasions.

It was extremely hot, around 90 degrees and very humid. When I walked into the University Club in St. Paul, I was greeted with a smile from Albina. I was excited to meet both of them on their wedding day! Albina showed me where the ceremony was going to be held. It was beautiful at the University Club. I had never photographed there before. It was a great opportunity.

When the ceremony began, the Officiate pronounced Albina’s name incorrectly. All of the guests and I had a bit of a chuckle.

The bride and groom were very easy going and really fun to photograph. We had some fun laughs when it was time for the bride and groom pics. I always enjoy photographing natural smiles and laughs. Those are my favorite to capture.

When it was toward the end of the day, I wanted to get a group photo for the the bride and groom to remember. It was extremely hot, especially when you are crowed next to each other and their is 30 people around you. Everyone was wonderful and patient with me getting everyone situated for the group picture.

I enjoyed working with Joel and Albina. I hope to keep in touch with them when/if they come to visit Minnesota.

Congratulations to the wonderful couple!!




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Missy’s Maternity

Missy is always very fun to work with. It was wonderful to see her and her mother as well.

I have photographed Missy’s wedding and family sessions. I am so thrilled that I get to photograph her at 9 months pregnant. ¬†She looks beautiful as ever! ¬†She is having¬†a baby boy! It has been so nice to see Missy and Matt grow and enjoying their life together.

I wanted to start with simple pictures first to get Missy comfortable. She was a bit nervous as we began, but everything was more relaxed once we got going. There were a couple times Missy had me put my hand on her tummy to feel the little guy moving around. It was pretty cool!

Towards the end I had her mother mother get into a couple of the pictures. She thought she was going to get away with not having her photo taken with her daughter (once again), but that was not the case. Missy even quipped, “See Mom, I told you.”

I am so glad I got this opportunity with Missy! I hope to have many more with her and her growing family!






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My good friend Kelly and I got together so I could see her new baby Liam. He is two weeks old and looks just like his brother AJ.

I was really excited to take some photos of Liam because I do not  have many babies in my portfolio. She was pretty excited to get some baby pictures as well. I wanted to incorporate some hockey items in the session. It was a bit challenging at first, Liam did not want to cooperate. We finally settled him down and got some great shots (we had to work fast).

We took breaks through out the day and I got to hold him several times. I forget on how small babies are at times, I can’t believe my son use to be that small. Crazy!!

While Liam was eating, I was playing with AJ. I pushed him around in the truck I brought. AJ had belly laughs and was having lots of fun. I had as much fun as him.

It was wonderful seeing her family and I am excited to see them very soon.



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