Matt & Andrea

Jason and I went to middle school with Matt and Andrea. Andrea and I talked quite often in school and Jason played football with Matt. We lost touch with one another in high school because we went to different high schools.

When Andrea contacted me to photograph her and Matt’s wedding, I was happy to do so. I was excited to see her and Matt on such a special day.

Their wedding was small, but intimate. After the ceremony I wanted to photograph the bride and groom outside. It was a chilly day, but they were troopers to go outside and bare the cold. We did not have any snow, but it still looked wonderful for the both of them. We tried to get some photos with some bubbles, but they kept freezing as her daughter was blowing them. We all had a laugh and were ready to go indoors to get warm. I am very glad they contacted me to photograph their wedding day!!

Congratulations to them both! I hope to see them very soon!


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Richert Surprise Family Session!!

I was happy to hear from the Richert family. I photographed Missy & Matt’s wedding 2 years ago. Missy and her family were surprising her mom with a photo shoot. She had a photographer lined up for a family session, but unfortunately they had to cancel. She told her mom that it was a maternity session and if I could play along. I am always happy to be in on a surprise.

When Missy and her mother arrived the others were waiting in the changing room to surprise her. Missy asked if they could look around the studio. When her mom walked over to the changing room and opened the curtain, she found her family hiding. She was very surprised!! I wish I could have captured her face when she opened the curtain.

All of them had a great time! There was even some happy tears!

I am so glad I could work with this wonderful family again. I hope that I can see their family grow in the future.



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Jim & Carissa

It is always wonderful working with people you know from the past. Jim contacted me to photograph his wedding and I was delighted to do so!

I went to high school with Jim, we were in the same homeroom together and we both were very silly back then (some things do not change).

When I arrived, the girls were just starting to getting ready. They were so excited to put on their pretty dresses. When Carissa was ready to take out her wedding dress, the girls were very excited to see her gown…it was so cute. Carissa had the girls wait in the other room while she was getting her dress on because she wanted them to be surprised when she walked out. When she entered the room, the girls were so happy and they told her she looked pretty! We were set to go to the park to take some photos. I started photographing the girls first while Jim was away coaching a football game with the boys. They were going to meet up with us later in the day.

It was a wonderful day for a wedding, 75 degrees with a slight breeze…you couldn’t ask for a better fall day! The trees were changing color which made for a beautiful for a backdrop. As we were taking pictures, the girls had a hard time smiling until Carissa told them to “Strike a pose!”. After that, they had no problem smiling and striking their poses. Once Jim and the boys arrived at the park, Carissa was hiding behind a bush. Jim was walking down the path and when he turned to look at her, he smiled from ear to ear.

The ceremony was very small and intimate. They had very close family and friends in attendance. The bride and groom requested their guests write comments on small cards for them. As the officiate started to read the cards during the ceremony, Jim had to interrupt to make an announcement that he had forgotten the rings. We all had a nice chuckle as he dashed into their home for a minute.

After the ceremony, we finished up pictures, then the bride and groom took a shot of Fireball (Carissa’s favorite). Jim always made nice faces after the shot!

It was wonderful to be a part of this wedding. These two are such a great couple and as a bonus, I was able to see an old friend from high school and meet his new bride!

Congrats to Jim and Carissa!!






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Chris & Carol

I met Carol back in 2011 when I photographed her son Travis for a modeling session.  Then in 2012 Carol contacted me again to photograph Travis’s graduation pictures. So when Carol contacted me to photograph her special day, I was very excited to do so. I always get very happy to hear from former clients I have worked with before. Especially for such a wonderful and happy day!

I arrived at Minnehaha Falls where the ceremony was going to be held. It was extremely hot with the temperature hovering around 90 degrees and the dew point being high as well.

I met Carol down by the water and she looked great. Later on when Chris saw Carol walking up, they both were smiling ear to ear. Everyone agreed to start the ceremony a bit earlier and it was much shorter than expected due to the hot weather. The men were probably roasting in their black suits.

We started taking photos by the little stream where they conducted the ceremony. We then moved by the bridge for some shade. I wanted to try to keep them as cool as possible. After we finished on the bridge, we moved on to the falls. I had to make sure I captured the types photos they really wanted. As we were walking closer to the falls, Carol told me that is where Chris proposed to her. They also take many selfies by the falls as well. So of course they were taking a selfie and I had to make sure I captured them doing so. At one point during their posing by the falls, Carol started laughing really hard. She later told me that a bug flew in her mouth as she was about to kiss Chris. All of us had a great laugh! We finished up the pictures by some beautiful flowers, and at that point, all of us were ready to get out of the heat.  Everyone did a fantastic job on such a hot and humid day!

Congrats to the wonderful couple!! I am/was excited to work with all of you again.




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Blake & Candice

Candice and Blake are a fun and very easy going couple. They both looked so wonderful and happy!

Their ceremony was at Our Lady of Grace. The church is absolutely beautiful! When Blake saw Candice walking down the isle for the first time, you could tell that he was excited to see her as he was smiling ear to ear. We took some fun photos outdoors after the ceremony, some with their family and some with Blake and Candice only. It was a pretty hot and humid day, but the weather worked out very well otherwise. The reception was only a couple minutes away from the church at the Edina Country Club. They had the whole tennis shack to themselves, everything turned out beautiful.

Congrats to them both, I hope we can work together in the near future.




Helen Pendleton - You guys are beautiful I truly wish you the best. May God bless you. Candice you were a beautiful bride.

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