Rick & Ashley

It was wonderful working with Rick and Ashley on their wedding day. They both looked wonderful!

The ceremony was at the Trellis in Stillwater. It is absolutely beautiful there! I am happy I had this opportunity to have photographed there.

The weather did not cooperate when the ceremony was to begin. It had been raining the whole day.

Ashley looked beautiful walking down the isle with her father. Rick and Ashley were so happy to see each other. When the ceremony ended, I had photographed few of the wedding party in the rain. It was a bit challenging, my lens kept fogging up. I could tell the bride was ready to get out of the rain.  I believe we all were ready to go!

The wedding party did wonderful speeches for the bride and groom. There was a nice surprise for Rick and Ashley in a box from the bridesmaids. Ashley is 4 months pregnant, when they opened the box they found pink balloons! They are having a girl!! What a wonderful surprise on such a special day!!

When they were dancing the first dance,they looked into each others eyes and were so happy!

Congrats to the wonderful couple! I hope to work with your family in the future.





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Air Museum…

I do not blog much from my personal experiences, but I wanted to share this great museum.

My family and I went to the Minnesota Air National Guard Museum on May 9th, it is open to the public only 2 times a month or less. They have lots of planes and aviation items to look at. I do not know much about military aviation, but even if you are not into that sort of thing… It is a great experience for everyone!

We started at this big plane, a C130 A-model that was built in 1958. The gentlemen sitting inside the cockpit told us lots of great things about the plane and that they had to redo some of the items. It was once delegated to a scrap heap but the Air National Guard said they would have it and it was brought up to flying condition before resting here. The gentlemen had flown a plane similar to the one we were in. It was huge!! I couldn’t even fit it in the camera frame.

We moved on to the next planes, there was a fighter jet that you could sit in. It was an F4 Phantom! It was amazing sitting in this plane. The pilot came over and started telling me lots of interesting things about this aircraft and that he flew this similar plane in the Vietnam War! There were two kinds of F4 fighter jets. There is one that only takes recon and surveillance photos. Then there is the fighter/bomber version. The one with the cameras in it is so interesting. This particular F4 has 7 cameras inside the jet. The camera shutter is not fast enough for the jet so they sped the film speed up to compensate for the jet speed to a point where it can be read. Crazy!

We moved onto a newer model fighter jet F16. Very different from the last model. Instead of having the controls on the sides, they have everything right in front of them on the HUD (heads up display) so they can keep their heads forward while they are flying. When the pilots talk about the planes.. they do not call it the f16 or f.. what not. They call this one Block 57, depending on the make of the plane. This pilot told me lots of great facts as to how it flies. Lots of information that is too much to tell in a blog. You have to go and experience it for yourself.

We moved on to inside the museum, where they have all the different helmets, planes, gears and models of planes they used in the different wars. There was a helicopter we could sit in and experience how the troop were transported. The seats are removable so if they needed to put a wounded soldier in the helicopter they could put the gurney right inside. Typically they had no doors on the helicopter, so that they were always ready to use their guns so they did not have to open any of the doors.

The guns were very fascinating as well. The volunteer explained that the guns used in the 20’s and 30’s were much smaller and only shot 300 per minute. For the planes back then, that is all they could hold for such a small plane. Then when aircraft were built much bigger (gun on the right), those guns shot 500 per minute and the bullets was much larger. They wanted something that could shoot much quicker and faster so they went back to the civil war days… They designed the barrels like to old guns they use to use. They got less hot and they were much quicker to shoot. This Gatling gun shot 900 –  1000 rounds a sec!! WOW that is fast!! The bullets were huge.

We looked at the simulators and a newer model of the C130 I typed about earlier. Wow!! What a big difference from the first plane, lots more room and everything was more confined to the top of the plane. It was amazing what technological advancements do.

Lastly, we went to go look at a C-97G STRATOFREIGHTER. It was huge! My son, husband and I looked so tiny next to it. You have to see it to know what I am talking about.

It was a great family experience and I am so glad I went. So much knowledge that all of these pilots have and how nice it is to have them share this with the people who come and see these planes. Please go and see these wonderful planes and definitely sit in the planes if you can. What a great experience that you may never get to have again. Here are some dates that they have open to the public…

May 23 – June 20 – July 18

Go to their website for more of the open events. Enjoy it!! I know I did! http://mnangmuseum.org/



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Stamnes – Pelquin Family

It was wonderful when Sarah called to have some family photos taken. I went to high school with Sarah and we had not seen each other in 2 or 3 years. I couldn’t believe how tall her daughter had gotten in that time. I  also got to meet her little boy.

We went to a park close to her house. The park had some fun items that a local resident had made. There were benches, a tee-pee and other items made out of sticks. It was very creative! We also found a cute little library box in the park.

We started by a little stream and Matthew wanted nothing to do with the camera, as all small children typically do. He wanted to play and enjoy the fun things around him. Normally, I can get children’s attention, but he wanted no part of the camera at all. Sarah had brought some snack for him and soon after, he sat for a bit. Then when he finished his snacks, he jumped up and started running and playing again. When we arrived at the little library, he was having so much fun taking out the books and reading them. He absolutely LOVED the books! He didn’t even want to leave.

It was great to see Sarah and her family. I hope I get to see her very soon!




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I first met with Anjanette to talk about what she was looking for in the photographs. In my opinion, we hit it off right away. She told me that she wanted some head shots for her website and her business cards.

Anjanette is a health coach. She helps people with their wellness by reaching goals, healthy eating practices and detoxing their body. I was very much intrigued as I am also into vegetables and fruits, and what they can do for your body. I enjoy learning about more natural ways to help your body without pills and harsh diets. During our meeting we kept getting off track as we were having so much fun talking about health.

When Anjanette arrived at the studio for her session, she was a bit nervous as most people are and I needed her to be as comfortable as possible. As usual, I began joking with her and jiggling my arms and shoulders around, to see if I could get that pretty smile to come out.  I am sure I looked a bit goofy with my arms waving around but sometimes you just gotta shake it out. She wanted to have more playful head shots, not so business like. So we incorporated some fun but relaxing shots. We also incorporated some beautiful fruit. I had great time, and, as a bonus, she left me with some of the wonderful organic fruit she had brought. It was absolutely delicious!!

Anjanette was wonderful to work with and I hope we can work together again someday.




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Heim’s new addition to family

It is always wonderful working with the Heim family.  They have a new addition to their family, Kameron, who was born March 6th. Its easy to forget at times, how small and new to the world they are. At one point I did the same type of session for (now) big brother Weston.

Once I explained the ideas I had to Josh and Mary, we first started with Kameron. He was not very happy about the whole ordeal. I wanted to make sure that he was as relaxed and happy as could be. So Mommy fed him a bottle, and once he had a full tummy, he did very well.

Big brother Weston was having a blast with the props I had out, the big clock (which he wanted to sit on), and the basket with the grass and candy. He enjoyed taking the grass and candy out of the basket and placing it back in it, he even asked me if I would help him. It made me laugh and I was happy to help. I was glad he was enjoying the fun items. Weston did a great job with the instructions I asked of him throughout the session.

Finally, toward the end of the session, I took out some bubbles to incorporate them into some of the photos. Once Josh started blowing, Weston was so excited he could have cared less about the pictures. He was chasing them and popping them. There was a moment where I was photographing Kameron, when Weston ran right in front of the camera trying to catch the bubbles. It was nice to see him having so much fun.

It was awesome working with the Heim family again, I am excited to see Kameron and Weston grow throughout the years.

Thank you for being a great client!





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