Terry & Sue

Terry and Sue are an absolutely a wonderful couple. They are very easy going and were great to work with.

When Terry was saying his vows and trying to put the ring on to Sue’s finger, it was being stubborn. So Terry took her hand, brought her knuckle to his mouth and moistened it in order to slide the ring on completely. Everyone laughed! Sue was saying her vows and fortunately, Terry’s ring slid on nicely. The officiant made a joke about how easy that was compared to the bride’s ring finger. Laughter came over the room.

Terry and Sue were open for the ideas I had, some of which took place outdoors. They were troopers for going outdoors on a very cold and windy day! We had to act fast, but it was worth it.

Back when we first met over coffee. They told me they had taken dance classes to prepare for their first dance. They looked wonderful together, so in love and looking into each others eyes.

Congratulations to this great couple! I hope to work with them in the future.



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Hot Air Balloon Fair

I was invited to photograph a hot air balloon fair in Hudson, WI. This was the 26th year for this event. I was excited to photograph them for my first time.

I had to arrive early in the morning (6:30 a.m.). It was cold, but seemed to be a great day for the hot air balloons. When I walked to the field, there was only one balloon getting setup. The sun started rising over the trees and houses, coming out from the clouds which made a beautiful sky for the morning. It looked like the sky had been painted with all the blue, purple and pinks.

The other hot air balloons had arrived around 7:30 a.m. and soon after, they were announcing that they will not be able to fly due to the wind conditions.

Lots of the balloonists started inflating their balloons so we could photograph them. They were wonderful! They were so massive and colorful. It was  interesting to see how they go about inflating the balloons. First they start with a fan while others hold it open (others were pulling on big ropes), then once the balloon started getting larger they turned up the baskets and blow hot air into them. It was amazing how fast it went.

I stayed to see the balloons deflate. It was interesting to see them laid out in long line and stuffed into a bag.

This was a great opportunity and I will be returning to this event in the future. Hopefully I will get to catch them in flight!!



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80th Birthday Celebration!

It was a wonderful opportunity to photograph such a great event as an 80th birthday celebration.

When the guest of honor had arrived at Mai Village, they had a corsage and tiara for her to wear. She looks amazing at 80. When the guests began to arrive, some of which she had not seen in some time, she was so surprised and happy that it brought tears of joy upon seeing and hugging them.

It was wonderful to see how many people loved and cared enough to attend this 80th celebration. So, here’s hoping she will have many more to come!

Happy 80th to such an awesome gal!






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Sajous Family

For the second year in a row I have had the pleasure of photographing the Sajous family. It is always wonderful to see them again, and take their images for the holidays. I had lots of little props that I wanted to work with too.

When the Sajous family arrived, little Connor was a bit shy at first. But, it did not take him long to warm up. Once he got used to everything, he was smiling and having fun. Connor really enjoyed playing with the presents. He got a kick out of stacking them up and knocking them down. I also used a big teddy bear and a red wagon to try to get his attention. Once we started photographing him with the teddy bear, he really enjoyed hugging it and giving the bear kisses. The bear was practically as big as him!!

Towards the end, Connor started to lose interest like all toddlers do. He was pretty much finished with posing and had his mind set on the red wagon. He is truly adorable!

I am so happy for the Sajous family. Next year they will have a new addition to their family which makes Connor a (soon-to-be) big brother. It will be awesome to see their family grow! I hope to work with them for years to come.



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Playschool Child Care School Pictures

It’s always wonderful working with Playschool Child Care.

This is my second year photographing school pictures for them. It is wonderful to see the children dressed up and so brave. Lots of them volunteered to go first. However, when one got on the stool the rest wanted to join in as well. Some of them were a bit shy once they sat on the stool, but the teachers did a great job making them relax and smile.

This is always a fun and great opportunity and I enjoy it every year. I hope to keep working with Playschool for years to come.



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