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Jessica had given me a call to discuss her son’s preschool photographs and she also wanted to do some family photos as well. Her family had not had professional photos taken as a family.

Jessica, Phil and Johnathon arrived at my house so we could get his class photographs done first. When we had finished, we did some fun indoor photos before driving down to the park that was near my house to do some family photos. Johnathon was like every 4 year old boy, full of energy and being silly.

Jessica wanted to do some fun pictures with them throwing leaves at one another. They made me laugh seeing them throwing leaves and chasing each other. They were having a BLAST!!

Once we had finished with the photos, Johnathon saw a playground near by and wanted to play for a little bit on the playground. Even Phil and Jessica were having fun going down the slide with Johnathon.

I had a great time with their family and it would be wonderful to work with this family again in the near future.



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Lapp Family

The Lapp family are close relatives of our neighbors. I had photographed our neighbors last year when two of their loved ones came over from Germany.

Chris & Katie asked if they could have all of the family show up with them on this day because other family members were here from out of state. So we decided to meet at Blackhawk Park in Eagan. The colors on the trees were absolutely beautiful. We started with photos on the bridge. It was a bit windy and chilly. Once we walked into more of the tree covered areas, it was a lot better.

As we were walking, Chris & Katie’s son Mason found a stick that he really liked. He really had his mind set on that specific stick. He forgot to take it with him and wanted to go back to get that stick and that stick only. Lucy had her dolly and she was much happier after being a little under the weather for a couple days. When you would say to Lucy,” where is your dolly?” She would smile so big. They both did a wonderful job even though we had lots of walking and it was chilly.

The Lapp family is awesome. I hope we can connect more in the future.



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Luttrell Family

The Luttrell family had won a silent auction gift basket that we donated to a school carnival last spring.

We decided to meet at the St. Croix River for this session. After a string of emails with Jamie, our husbands eventually had to tell us that our children were in the same hockey association. We were never aware of this the entire time.

It was a bit chilly and windy, but a very clear and very sunny day. They had lots of fun. The boys enjoyed throwing rocks, running and watching the geese. They enjoyed the colors of the trees from the bridge. At one point we saw an enormous dog. I wish we would have taken a picture near him. He was so big, the boys probably could have sat on the pup. We walked down by the beach area where we could do some fun shots of them in their hockey gear with the wonderful colors in the background.

The Luttrell family was wonderful to work with and I hope we can work together more in the future.

[See you at the rink!!]



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Bigwood Family

The Bigwood Family was fun and easy to work with. Their family had won a silent auction basket that I donated to a school carnival last spring.

We met up at Hidden Falls Park near the Highland neighborhood in St. Paul. It is a nice park next to the Mississippi River which none of us had ever been to before. Surprisingly, it was a bit hot by the river, (about 82 degrees) which crazy considering we are nearing October.

As usual, I had my stick figure drawings that contained my family poses which made them chuckle a bit. As we started walking down the river, they started skipping rocks on the water. It was nice seeing them having so much fun on one of the last hot days of the year probably.

When we were finished, they took off their shoes and walked along the edge of the water, splashing  and getting each other wet….just having a great time! I do hope to work with this family again. I really enjoyed my time with them.





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Maloney baby reveal

It is always a pleasure to work with the Maloney family.

Ashley contacted me to have a photo shoot to reveal the gender of her baby. I was very excited! Not only do I get to photograph this wonderful, fun family, but I get to know the gender before they do.

We started out doing some family pictures with the ultrasound, without revealing the news. I am sure they were curious to know the whole time.

What will it be a HE OR SHE??? We did some fun pictures with the girl and boy props in the photos. Then to do something different and fun for the whole family, they decided to blindfold each other and then splatter paint…. pink for girl ~ blue for boy. They even splattered me with a bit of paint as well.  It was a blast to see  all of them enjoying the fun. When they finally finished…



They took off the blindfolds and saw that the paint was BLUE!! They were so happy, screaming with joy that it was a baby boy.

Congrats to the Maloney family. It is always wonderful seeing your family grow. I had a fantastic time and having me be apart of your reveal.


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